Press Release, 28.08.2017

The first time we had a car as extra price for the winner of a class on one of the shows we served in Germany we had the same success as in Switzerland. The rider took the offer to sell the car already on the showground, so everything was settled via our staff in cooperation with two car dealers. The rider saved >500 EUR – and a lot of work.


Press Release, 09.04.2017

For the first time ever in Switzerland it was the team of EventClearing who achieved a special situation for the winner of the Grand Prix of Mercedes Benz CSI Zurich 2017. This rider saved more than 5’000 CHF and expressed his thankful thoughts in an e-mail to us:

From: Silvia
Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017
Subject: Hello
To: <>

Good morning Matthias
The money Transfer (of the special repayment) arrived yesterday to the  account.
Thank you very much for your help and for triying hard to get back de difference of the Taxes. We really appreciate your paper work and collaboration throughout these months
Thank you very much once again
Best regards
Silvia & Edu

We are very happy about this result for the horse world and thank especially Lea at Consa Treuhand for her expedient help! Maybe Zurich CSI has been again a trendsetter on a very special matter.